How to install iTunes in Windows

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How to install iTunes in Windows

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iTunes is a media player, Internet radio broadcaster and mobile device management application launched by Apple Inc. on January 9, 2001. Originally it was made for iPhones and Mac devices, Apple released iTunes for Windows in 2003.

Here are the steps to install iTunes in Windows:

1. Download the iTunes installer from Apple site: Go to the Apple website and click on the Download iTunes free button. The website will automatically detect that you are using a windows computer and offers you a Windows version of iTunes. If you want to receive email newsletters from Apple, then enter your email address. Now click the Download button. Windows will offer you a choice if you want to run or save the file. But can works for installing iTunes. Saving the file will allow installing it later and running the file will allow it to install right away. If you go for saving the file, then the installer program will be saved to your default downloads folder. Contact iTunes Contact Number for more details.

2. Choose Installation Options: After all the terms and agreements, iTunes will ask you some installation options:

  1. Add iTunes and QuickTime shortcuts to my desktop: This option will place your iTunes icon on the desktop for quick access. It will launch a program by directly clicking the icon in the desktop. iTunes will be also added to your start menu.
  2. Use iTunes as default player: If you want iTunes for your all audio files, MP3s, podcasts then choose this option.
  3. Language: You can any language as your default language for iTunes.
  4. Destination Folder: This is the place where iTunes and all iTunes files will be installed. If you don’t have a good idea of this, go for the default setting.

After choosing all the options, click on the “Install” button. You can see a progress bar during installation. Once the installation process is complete, then click on the “Finish” button. Restarting your computer after installation is an optimal way to start iTunes.

Import media library in iTunes:

  • Open iTunes
  • Click File on the right side.
  • Click on Add Folder to Library
  • Click any file or folder you want to import into iTunes
  • Click on Select Folder

Repeat these steps until you import all your favorites’ files in iTunes.

You can also buy content from iTunes on Windows. iTunes has lots of media available for purchase. Here are the steps:

  • Open iTunes.
  • Go to the store
  • Click on the price
  • Type your password
  • Click Buy

The file will start downloading and you find it in your library when after download.

So these are the steps to install iTunes in Windows. If you have any issues you can contact And Share your favorite iTunes content in our comment section.