Shape User Experience Using Gestures

How to Shape User Experience Using Gestures?

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How to Shape User Experience Using Gestures?

Old usage of dragging the mouse, hovering in the screen and waiting for the clicks are eventually gone after the arrival of touch screen mobiles. When Apple had launched its brand new touch iPhone in 2007, the whole mobile technology got a game changer in its traditional interface. The uses learned and transformed their usage into the taps, swipe, and pitch. The innovation of touch and gesture-driven devices evolved the users thinking about the interaction.

Gestures are the more entertaining factor for the usage, and also they are very useful. Nowadays, the slope of success for a mobile app depends hugely about the gestures implementation to impact the user experience. These gestures were turned out into an ultimate natural tool for mobile navigation purposes. Basically, gestures mean the touch mechanics, simply the finger actions on your mobile.

Impact of mobile gestures on user experience

By using mobile gestures, the user experience of the app can be improved, thus it is a mere important task for the developers to keep a focus on the gestures during the development process. As the mobile users are in a high number, priority goes to the mobiles. Screen space is always a limited one in all the mobiles, and it’s a big challenge for the app developers to integrate enough information without cluttering through that available space.

At this point, mobile gestures help to solve this interface issue. These mobile gestures make the content in a visually appealing way without crowding. It can avoid incorporation of excess buttons on the interface. Easily the menu option can be hidden and users are able to access it only when required simply by swiping up to down or any other choices. This is the basic mobile gesture using in both ios and android, and the gesture-based navigations can display the content in the center of the screen that can grasp the user attention more.

Eventually, it is able to get more space for the content to showcase so that the users can give their attention more on the provided information rather than rummaging through the search options. It is a must thing for the professional developers to incorporate these gesture elements to get a valuable outcome in their mobile app development.

Enhancing the UX/UI

Some apps are so useful for the needs and its features are informative one but it lacks one factor for the audience. That is the attractive UX. Nowadays the audience has more anticipation towards the creativity factors incorporated in the app, the app will gain a huge reach in the market if it has the elegant logo and attractive design. By using mobile gestures, the app can be made more live and real that can enhance the interaction between the app and the user. An app with effective gestures on the screen will be more enjoyable one for the user and comprehensive with its actions also.

There will be no need to search for the button to zoom or comment etc. Just simply by swiping itself, every action can be performed easily by the user which makes them finish their task in a jiffy. Every user wants this feature only, which can simplify their tasks. In the payment options of the app also, it will be so smooth when the previous card details and other payment modes are recorded in the app itself and applying those details on future payments. Thus instead of using gratuitous multiple elements, which bore the audience, using gestures is the better option to make the UI with more clarity and pleasing output.

Gestures ease the user efforts

Instagram is efficiently using the gestures for the app usage such as double tap for like, dragging to zoom, swipe to scroll or dismiss etc. These kinds of elements can only improve the interaction between the app and the user, and it can make the UX so lucid. Based on the steps and usage of the app, popping hints can be given to the users at the beginning stage of the download and further at required times.

For the hints, more than using the sentences, it is better to go with little animations for the users. Visual clues would be so clear and effective way to educate the users. For the fresh launch of apps with some new concept to the user, it would be best to provide them a walkthrough to explain the navigation and other swiping properties in the app. This walkthrough must be succinct enough to convey the exact message to the audience; otherwise, it will make the audience bore to try out the app.

Today the competition among the mobile apps is damn too high, and every factor is important in the development process. Gestures are simple elements which are not only for the entertainment purpose but certainly, it can add some benefits to the success of the app among the audience.