Important things to look for in a Laptop

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Important things to look for in a Laptop

Today, laptops are a very powerful device which you can carry anywhere. Laptops provide you the facility to work from any restaurant, library etc. They offer brilliant portability and power. So, you should keep some important terms in mind before buying a laptop like RAM, screen size, CPU etc.

Important things to look for in a LaptopHere are some important things you should look for in a laptop:

  1. Size: Depending upon the nature of your work, make sure you pick the right size for you. Size is a very important feature because it is not flexible; you can’t upgrade size like RAM, ROM. So choose the size of your laptop wisely. Laptop size ranges between 11.6 inches to 17.3 inches. Most of the top brands like Dell, HP, ASUS, and Acer offers display in three sizes- 13.3 inches, 15.6 inches, and 17.3 inches. But some vendors also offer 11.6 inches, 112.5-inches, and 14-inches laptops. If you want to select a small sized laptop for portability and weight factor, keep in mind small-sized laptop don’t offer the same features as high-end Inter Core i7 CUPs. They feature a less-robust selection of ports. CD-Drive is not available in many small-sized laptops. If you want a standalone laptop with all the features then you should go for a bigger size.
  2. CPU: When you are choosing a laptop, always go for the model with CPU tailored to the rigors of mobile computing. The performance of Intel’s Core 2 Duo CPUs is great. These chips use less energy and generate less heat. AN Intel Core Processor offers the best performance in multitasking and multimedia tasks. Some laptop vendors also offer notebooks and laptops which runs on AMD’s Ryzen Mobile CPUs. If you are a hardcore gamer, then this is the best you can. These CPU’s paired with AMD’s own Vega graphics chipsets, which are far better for gaming than Intel’s own onboard graphics.
  3. RAM: Years before, you rarely needed than 4GB RAM for any type of task. But today, nobody thinks below 8GB. A large amount of RAM allows you to run many applications same time, it’s very helpful in tasks like photo and video editing. If you have tasks with more RAM requirements, you can also go for 16GB. But if you are gamer and want the best experience, then don’t take your eyes from 32GB RAM. If you want to upgrade your RAM contact Laptop AMC Service In Gurgaon.
  4. Storage: Storage is also one of the most important features of a laptop. But if you can’t afford more storage and don’t need lots of internal storage then you can just buy a solid state drive (SSD) than a hard drive. SSD will help your laptop to boot faster and feel far quicker and more responsive.
  5. Battery Life: If you are buying a laptop for portability then battery life is an essential factor. It’s not possible to sit near to the power socket in train or cafes always. Small and light weighted laptops generally offer good battery life because they are equipped with less powerful low-voltage processors and a small screen.

These were some very important things you should keep in minds before buying a laptop because the laptop isn’t a device you buy frequently. So, think and choose your laptop wisely. Contact Laptop Repair In Gurgaon for any details about laptops and its parts.