Smart Rules to Follow For Sure Shot Success on Instagram for Promising Fashion Brands

Smart Rules to Follow For Sure-Shot Success on Instagram for Promising Fashion Brands

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Research and studies have proved that fashion is surely one of the top industries on Instagram. Moreover, statistics reveal that fashion brands on this powerful platform receive about 16,616 likes and an impressive 102 comments per Instagram post! We know that both the marketing opportunity and competition for fashion retailers online are growing consistently. So, the question arises how could smaller fashion brands survive and achieve success in this highly competitive marketing scenario? How could smaller bards establish a niche for themselves despite competition from retail giants such as Amazon? You may consider leveraging the power of Instagram to promote your brand, boost brand awareness, and successfully drive sales. Here are some smart tips to make you achieve success without losing out on time or money.

Do Ample Research for Your Hashtags

Instagram marketingThe hashtag is supposed to be the greatest tool that is utilized by millions of people worldwide. If you take the instance of hashtag #love, it is supposed to be the most frequently used and popular Instagram hashtag. Will you use it to promote your posts? Not at all as it is quite broad and your picture will get lost in the ocean. The actual trick is opting for narrow and long-tail hashtags for promoting your brand.

The Perfection of Pictures Is the Key

Instagram is certainly the realm of stunning images. Even if you do not seem to be a fashion brand, Instagram users expect you to generate top quality visual content. Since you are a fashion brand trying to establish a niche for yourself, it becomes doubly important for you to perfect your pictures, because that is the way things actually work on Instagram. A perfect picture should be of high resolution, should necessarily tell a story, and should visually complement your theme. You may buy real Instagram likes by contacting reliable digital marketing sites online.

Engage More & More for Success

Now that you have learned to use perfect photos, consider engaging with all those people who are utilizing the same hashtags as yours. You may go on liking their posts and commenting on their pictures. Consider asking them for reposting their content if they had featured one of your products brilliantly or if any of their pictures complement the mood or theme of your feed. Tag them in your posts or stories as a public shout out to express your appreciation and gratitude. This is how you could build a robust community simply by engaging effectively with all your potential customers. You could develop a strong bond with your Instagram followers and boost mutual trust that would go a long way in building brand loyalty.

Leverage Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a big deal in 2018 and is perhaps best seen on Instagram. It is a trend that is likely to get bigger and bigger in the years to come, and you should jump onto the bandwagon as soon as you can. Scout out potential influencers who are likely to have an audience that is going to want to subscribe to your brand and purchase your product or service. Otherwise, you will be spending a lot of money on minimal returns. Furthermore, your influencer should be someone who echoes your brand image. This means that the promotion will seem natural coming from them, and their followers will be happy to try you out.

Conclusion: Promotions, Promotions

If you are a new fashion brand looking to make a mark on Instagram, you have to push hard in the initial stages to build visibility. Ads are a pretty good way to get this done, which is why there are upwards of 2 million advertisers on the platform. Instagram ads are minimally intrusive, blending right into the user’s feed. They also offer a great ROI, more than 350% per some reports. You should also be looking to promote your IG profile across all other networks in which you have a presence and call in all favors you can with friends, family, and acquaintances to get the word out about your shiny new brand and its Instagram profile. Embrace omnichannel by reposting Instagram posts to Facebook and be sure to spend a lot of time in building a holistic Instagram marketing strategy before you set out on your journey. Be prepared at all times, so that the setbacks don’t hurt as much, and you are confident enough to always keep going.