Mistakes To Avoid While Hiring WordPress Developer

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7 Mistakes To Avoid While Hiring WordPress Developer

The open source nature of the CMS along the wide range of conveniences offered by it have made WordPress one of the most popular web building platforms. It has also led to a rise in a number of WordPress developers who claim to have all-round expertise in using the platform. People looking to hire WordPress developer must verify the claims before making the final selection as not doing so can lead to financial losses. A list of mistakes which must be avoided while looking to hire a WordPress developer is being presented here.

 1. Moving Ahead Without Creating A Project Synopsis

hire WordPress developerOne of the biggest mistakes that a person can make is to move ahead with the process of selection without proper planning. A project synopsis must be created which contains the basic outline of the whole project in addition to the objectives expected to be realized through and the target audience for which it is meant. This document will be helpful in not only identifying a suitable professional but also in interacting with him/her about the project.

 2. Not Matching The Skillsets Of The Professional

Most projects fail because the chosen professional did not have the requisite skills necessary for completing the project. Once the project synopsis is created, it will give an idea about the skill set that the developer must possess for that particular job. This will help the client in shortlisting the most appropriate personnel according to the technical knowledge and experience possessed by them.

 3. Not Testing The Proficiency Of The Developer

Another error committed by most people is to engage a professional without testing his/her proficiency in the area of WordPress web development. The best way to verify the claims made about the expertise possessed by a developer is to create a test for assessment of his/her theoretical as well as practical knowledge in the field. If the professional seems to be knowledgeable and experienced then a paid test project can also be given which will help in establishing his/her suitability for the job.

 4. Making The Final Selection Based On Price

One of the most common as well as costly mistakes that people looking to hire WordPress developer commit is to make the final selection on the basis of price only. Saving money is a natural instinct of business owners but doing so at the cost of quality will only lead to an aborted web development project and financial losses. The developer with the most suitable skills and quoting a reasonable price must be selected for hassle-free website building.

 5. Not Conducting A Thorough Background Check

A thorough background check of the programmer is mandatory as it will give an idea about not just the technical expertise possessed by him/her but also his/her professionalism, work ethics and communication skills. Hiring a coder with exceptional technical abilities but poor professional ethics will also create problems in the future and therefore a client must make all relevant inquiries before making the final appointment.

 6. Not Finalizing The Terms Of Payment Beforehand

Money is the most common cause of disputes between the client and the developer and therefore it is essential that the former makes the terms of payment and the manner clear right at the very outset of the project. Both the parties must discuss and finalize all the details related to fees right at the beginning so that no issues crop up in future.

 7. Failure To Establish Proper Communication Channels

Most projects suffer because of lack of communication between the two sides and to prevent this, necessary steps must be taken even before the beginning of the project. The client and the programmer must agree upon the proper channels of communication that will be sued between them. They must also decide upon the modes which will be used in times of emergency as well as the scheduling of all communication.


An individual or organization looking to hire WordPress developer must do proper research and verify all credentials before making the final appointment as an incorrect decision will lead to loss of valuable resources.

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