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The Takeaways from the New Website Design of Instagram

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Facebook, Airbnb, Appvalley and Google, all these top brands have given a fresh look to their logos in the past. Now Instagram has followed suit and has opted for a brand new logo. Instagram did not stop at updating the logo, in fact, they went on to extent of giving a new look to their overall design. Instagram’s desktop website seems to be visibly more minimalistic as compared to its previous design. It highlights the fact that Instagram is really famous for stunning pictures. As per, the new version Instagram logo actually has been inspired very much by the previous logo but in reality, the camera has simplified and modernized it. The camera retains the colors of the rainbow just like those present in the previous logo. The new design of Instagram has taught web designers and online marketers some critical lessons about the way businesses must approach online marketing and web design.

Image Quality is of Primary Importance

The pictures on Instagram’s new web design seem to be much larger as compared to earlier ones. Now only three pictures could be displayed on one line instead of the previous five. Instagrammers are making concerted efforts to generate more appealing and eye-catching pictures on the most popular social media platform. Your focus must always be on using top quality pictures only.

Product Seems to Be All in All

been showcasing their user pictures. The product seems to be the center of attraction. The product pictures engage your potential audience and ultimately help in boosting conversions. You could gain followers for Instagram by using high-resolution pictures of your products and also, by seeking professional assistance from one of the reputed digital marketing companies.

Focus on Minimalism: Remember Less Is Always More

The old website of Instagram cannot be said to be cluttered, however, when Instagram took the decision to get rid of the borders and rounded edges it gives us an idea as to which direction the web design is actually heading. In an era when online users are perpetually in a hurry to get fast information, it is really a good idea to create a non-fuss and simple website. Consider resisting the temptation to incorporate all those widgets.

Keep Trying for the Best

An excellent way of keeping things interesting, appealing, and fresh is by changing the overall design scheme. A change in design does not just impact the way a brand looks, it could help in maturing the brand or even reinventing it. As an owner of a website, you would never be able to know or understand what would work best for you unless you seem to be trying out new things constantly. Remember with every update made by you, you could be enhancing your website’s overall user experience that could be having a positive impact on the CTRs and profits as well. Remember the optimization of your online brand presence seems to be an ongoing process.

Conclusion: Welcome the Marketing Opportunity with Open Arms

You must have witnessed how everyone is in the habit of freaking out whenever Facebook makes even the slightest modification to the overall newsfeed look. If you are assuming that Instagram’s latest change of design was for a purely aesthetic reason then you are completely mistaken. Web designers know very well that the actual design change is surely a fantastic way of generating buzz and making people talk about your brand. Even though some people may not be happy with the latest new look, they should treat this as an opportunity to embrace fabulous marketing opportunities.