Top 6 WordPress Mobile App Plugins to Use Today

Top 6 WordPress Mobile App Plugins to Use Today

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A majority of the businesses that started off as websites are now facilitating a mobile user interface, thanks to the WordPress mobile app plugins. This transition has been due to the growth spurt in the usage of mobile-based convenience. The mobile industry’s growth rate is projected at 2.8 percent from 2018 to 2022. This means more people are going to access your website via a smartphone.

As per statistics, 52.4 percent of global web traffic originated from mobile devices. Your website is very critical in facilitating your online presence and hence it should essentially be optimized for mobile devices. This can be done by using WordPress mobile app plugins. Here is the list of the top 6 WordPress plugins that you must use-

App Presser

App Presser facilitates the conversion of a WordPress site into a mobile app. It has a dedicated WordPress mobile theme, which can be used to create an app or WooCommerce store. With this WordPress mobile app plugin, you can create visual customization for your app like change color, add custom pages, WordPress content and a lot more. This plugin also facilitates integrated push notifications and device camera uploads. The AppPresser plugin makes real apps that link back to your website. Hence, you would be generating a legitimate app that is stored in app stores. It also comes with an app tester for running your apps through the phones.


MobiLoud offers two products: one is for converting news or blog sites in an app and the other is for the WooCommerce plugin. It can build an iOS as well as an Android app. It supports push notifications, mobile advertising support, and analytics, branding and more. This is one of the best WordPress mobile app plugins that facilitate the transformation of your WordPress website to a mobile application. With the numerous features like app monetization, social media sharing, and RLT support, it allows the user to devise app store optimization.


A popular WordPress mobile app plugin, Android App comes with multiple internalized support features like infinite scroll, native social sharing, push notifications, and scores of themes to enable an optimized app store. However, this does not support WooCommerce and BuddyPress. The plugin developer lets you download your app and send it for submission to the app store.


With a single purchase of a lifetime license, WPApp lets you configure and customize your app in the WordPress admin area. Being compatible with all WordPress plugins, it also supports Google Analytics. It facilitates customization by allowing easy upload of app icons, buttons, colors, and translations.


WappPress is a premium plugin that will have your WordPress website up as an app with minimum efforts. However, it doesn’t give much flexibility to the users over customizing content flow. It is deemed ideal for content creators like bloggers, who are willing to take themselves a notch higher by positioning themselves in the Android app store.


Web2App is an easy-to-setup plugin that can convert your responsive website into a mobile app. An affordable replacement for a standalone app, this plugin has features like a startup splash screen, app rater for Google Play, customization of app navigation, and social sharing. This plugin also has video tutorials for helping beginners make their own app.

Most businesses are focusing their marketing strategies on mobile advertising as mobile apps have a local appeal. Content sharing is easier with a mobile app and hence builds a better brand presence among a large number of audiences. By increasing its accessibility, it is also driving better user engagement. With the help of these plugins, businesses can create their space in the mobile app platforms with less effort and reduced investment. They can also create a more personalized experience for most users with local services, offers, GPS technology and push notifications. Today’s marketing landscape has diversified and websites alone aren’t enough to drive businesses. If your business hasn’t divulged into mobile advertising, it’s high time it should.