Instagram Nametags For Marketing

Ways To Use Instagram Nametags For Marketing

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Are you looking for easy and quick ways for people to just come across your account on Instagram? Then you might have to get in line with the Instagram nametags. You will come to discover how to find and even customize the IG nametag so that people can actually come to follow your IG account pretty well. Before you get any further into this conversation, it is mandatory that you head for the better understanding of what IG nametag actually is.

More about IG nametags:

Ways To Use Instagram Nametags For MarketingNametags on the IG will be a lot similar to the snap codes of the Snapchat or the messenger codes on FB. They are primarily designed to be scanned really quickly and also taking people more towards your profile really well. It is a perfect way to let people know about your account well and just end up following you to say the least.

  • If you are actually trying to grow the IG audience by informing people your IG username, you are likely to come across situations where this might become an arduous procedure.
  • The biggest challenge in this regard is to get people to spell your name in a correct manner in search bar on the IG.
  • In case, you comprises of dots, underscores, abbreviations or anything, which is out of ordinary in username, the challenge will only start to magnify.
  • Well, nametags can often prove to be an easy solution to that. They will help the users to scan your codes quickly without adding or typing any kind of information. This way, they can easily view the profile or just end up following you.
  • Along with that, having an available nametag or display can prove to be a not so subtle trigger for encouraging someone to follow. They can follow you without even letting you ask for it.
  • It is going to be a less pressurized interaction with the audience or the customers.

Ways to get started:

For the first timers willing to address more Instagram followers, using IG nametag can prove to be a tough nut to crack. Well, you don’t have to bother about that much as there are some points for you to consider on that.

Scan the IG nametag:

There are two major ways in which you can scan any nametag. The first one is to move towards the IG profile, tap on the three tine button located at top right corner and then choose nametag tab. After that, you can just tap scan a nametag option located at bottom of the screen.

  • The second option in this regard is to open IG stories camera, then tap and hold screen whenever you are ready to just scan any nametag. This is going to be a significantly faster way for accessing scan camera well.
  • Just once you have scanned the nametag, you can check a screen, which will gladly allow you to visit the profile of the account. In case you are not following that account, then a large button is available to follow account. If you are already following account, then a pop up will let you learn about this.
  • There is a slight challenge on your way when you see someone’s scannable nametag on IG. You won’t be able to scan is while you are viewing it on phone. The camera that can help you to scan nametags needs to be open. As you cannot open the camera when on another social media platform, so this might be a huge miss.
  • However, every problem has its solution and this one is no exceptional. You can take screenshot of nametag which you might come across. Then you have to visit the IG account for accessing stories camera on the nametag one.
  • Once you open the stories camera, check on the photo or gallery option at bottom left corner. Then tap on image you took of nametag. It can help in putting nametag into camera and then scan it automatically for connection.
  • In case you are planning to open the nametag camera through profile settings, then tap on the gallery button in top corner of the screen at the right for opening camera roll. Then just select the screenshot of nametag that you plan to scan and it will initialize scan procedure automatically.

Find and then customize IG nametag:

All the users will have access to nametag feature on the IG. You will eventually have a nametag automatically but you have the right to absolutely customize it if you want to.

  • For accessing the nametag, you have to visit the IG profile setting tab. You will come across list of options. From there, you need to select nametag.
  • There are three major options for nametag’s background. One is color, another one is emoji and last one is selfie. All these are editable for own branding or preferences.
  • For navigating among three options, you have to tap on type of background option that you plan to customize at top of screen.
  • After that, you might have to tap on screen background for changing color, then open the emoji keyboard or just change selfies effects.
  • Once you are through with the background you like, just tap on the X for closing window. It will help in saving your changes automatically.

A tip for you:

It is always mandatory for you to be creative and also quite selective in terms of background options. As you have multiple options by your side, being creative won’t be that tough of a deal. In case you are planning to choose from the color gradient backgrounds, then try to select the one which can align well with the brand color. In case you are going for the second option of emoji background, you can choose any emoji, which is relevant to brand. Lastly, for the selfies, you have some great ways to actually experiment with the flow and then work on it. Just be sure to learn more about the business you are in before working on the IG nametag.